Workouts for weight loss: 15 to 35 minute HIIT sessions to try now

With hectic schedules and lives, it can be hard to fit in a workout, let alone know which one will give you the best bang for your buck and actually result in weight loss. Anita Mirchandani, certified personal trainer, gave us three different workout plans that anyone can do to lose weight at home, with no equipment […]

These Face Masks Will Bring Back Your Favourite Childhood Memories

 (Source: Shutterstock) Face masks are always fun. And these days from glitter to charcoal, masks are all the rage. But what makes a mask super fun to use? Well, it’s when they give us major nostalgia, of course. On that note say hello to GlamGlow’s limited-edition, gamer-inspired masks! Their Gravitymud masks will not only give you glow-y […]

I Don’t Disagree With Anyone, Anymore

Remember that Tanvi who had opinions galore? (This question is mostly for people who have been reading this blog for close to a decade). The recent controversies of the world and the bat-shit-crazy open-letters being written all over the internet, have be exhausted! Over the last few months several people (IRL and online) have asked […]

These Eyebrow Extensions Could Be The Secret To Fuller Brows

 Source: Shutterstock Let’s just take a second to be grateful that thin, over plucked brows are a thing of the past! Today, everyone is striving for more natural-looking and thicker eyebrows. Whilst microblading could get you there, we’ve found a quicker and more painless way to give you the arches you dream of! Vogue Korea […]

Travel to these 6 Indian detox retreats to cleanse your mind and body

Wellness travel has seen a huge spike in recent times with people swapping their cocktail-fuelled beach vacations for detox and active retreats all over the world. The word ‘detox’ is no longer synonymous with chugging charcoal smoothies and drinking moringa, but has grown to encompass the aspects of mental and emotional well-being too. Spa resorts have […]

How a celebrity makeup artist stays on top of her fitness routine

What do Kate Winslet, Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian West, Victoria Beckham, Emma Watson and Keira Knightley have in common? They’ve all been transformed by the magic fingers of makeup artist Lisa Eldridge. A favourite amongst Hollywood A-listers and the undisputed queen of YouTube tutorials, Eldridge is a beauty all-rounder—one minute she shows you how to […]

15 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Man

You guys know, I am not the one for encouraging mindless-consumerism or shopping for-the-sake-of-shopping. However, after receiving requests from several readers, about helping them with gifts for their men I thought a guide is in order. It is good to take a break from our own make-up and clothes and shop for the men in […]

DIY Rice Powder and Cocoa Powder Facial Scrub

Hello Beauties! Winter means to fight against dry skin and we should maintain our skin a lot. Scrubbing is very important during winter and we need to hydrate our skin as well. Today, I am going to share a easy recipe of face scrub that will help to exfoliate dry dead skin cells, and also […]

That breakfast smoothie could be the unhealthiest part of your healthy diet

It’s only been a month since the New Year and you can already see your fitness motivation slowly reducing. The pledge to reduce sugar lies forgotten with the swanky workout gear you got for the new you. But even if you haven’t joined that Soul Cycle class or planned a new low-carb diet, you can […]

The Best Red Lipsticks For Valentine’s Day Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Do you find yourself gravitating towards full-coverage makeup? Or are you more of a bold lip kind of a girl? We all have preferences when it comes to our makeup, but the reason behind this bias might just lie in the stars i.e. your Zodiac sign. Read on to see which red lipstick will work for you […]

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