How To Do A Closet Detox

Who wouldn’t want a closet full of pieces which you love? Never having a “I don’t have anything to wear moment” again. Let 2018 be the year when you discover your style and build a closet which reflects it. Begin with a closet detox:   Prepare: Have some trash bags or bins ready. Create piles […]

Burnt Orange Monotone Makeup Look

I am so obsessed with MAC products these days. It’s one iconic brand that no matter how many brands come and go, you always come back to MAC. It’s that insanely reliable brand. I have used a lot of my favourite products from MAC in this makeup look – studio fix fluid, sheer powder and […]

ColourPop Supernova Shadow Uf-Woah Review

Skin Tone: Light to Medium with warm undertones Skin Type: Combination Hi Everyone, ColourPop introduced Supernova liquid eye shadow into their collection. The supernova shadow is supposed to be similar to the Stila liquid eyeshadow. Today, I will be reviewing ColourPop Supernova Eyeshadow in the shade Uf-Woah. So, let’s see how this shade fared for […]

Innisfree Perfect UV Protection Essence Water Base SPF 50+ Review

Product Purchased by IMBB Sunscreen is the important product in anyone’s skincare routine but most of us tend to ignore this aspect, the most common reason is the tedious journey to find the perfect sunscreen for ourselves. In this quest, I stumbled upon this Innisfree Perfect UV Protection Essence Water Base SPF 50+. Read on for more […]

DIY Anti-Ageing Cell Renewal Mask

Hola hotties! I know it’s difficult to crawl out of our blankets in this chilly weather, but you need to do the daily drill. *Sigh* Imagine the stress on our skin right now – it has to look good even though you are too lazy to take off makeup (never do that!) and follow the […]

10 superfoods you should eat for a healthier 2018

Maybe you woke up this morning, downed a healthy quinoa salad, posted your acai bowl on Instagram, and are now looking forward to your DIY kale crisps when the hunger pangs hit mid-evening. Or maybe you don’t know your matcha latte from your avocado smoothie. Regardless of which end of the spectrum you find yourself […]

How to Wear a Silicone Bra Safely

Hello everyone, I am back with another article on “How to wear a silicone bra safely”. Since silicon bras are much in vogue these days and really multi-purpose, this article should come in handy!   For the uninitiated, silicone bras are strapless, backless, self adhesive and self supportive bras that are made up of a […]

DIY 2-Ingredient Quick Face Pack for Instant Glow

Hello people! My skin was feeling quite dull and lifeless and that’s why I gave this face pack a try. This pack is super easy and quick to make as it requires only two ingredients. The results of this pack are quick too. If you want to see some quick results within seconds this is […]

10 Best DIY Face Packs for Open Pores

Hi IMBBians, Open pores look quite unpleasant on your face. Open pores can make your face look all dirty and unhygienic. Also, because of blackheads, your pores can look much more visible. And, too much of open pores will make you look aged and will also contribute to wrinkles on your face.   Thus, regular […]

6 Classic Beauty Treatments Every Girl Can Do Herself At Home

Hello girls, Happy new year to all! Today, we would be talking about classic beauty treatment every girl can do by herself at home. There are several beauty treatments available in the market, which give you best results and also, burn a big hole in your pockets. If you want a glowing skin as well as […]

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