Earn money in Bengaluru by carpooling with strangers Using new app

A unique kind of car pool which allows people in cars and on bikes to give lifts to strangers is making headway in Bengaluru. An app by start-up ‘ Wheel our World ‘ connects passengers and vehicle owners after both parties enter the details of their destinations and routes. The cost of the service, available between 7am […]

Pay By Google

Pay by Google Launches to make online payment faster

Google has launched a new payment solution called ‘Pay by Google’. Here is how this new feature works and how it is not like Google Tez and Android Pay. Google just released new payment solution called ‘Pay by Google’ on Monday. The new App is notwithstanding Google’s current Android Pay and Google Tez payment services. […]

One Plus 5T

OnePlus 5T Specs, Features & Price in India

OnePlus 5T cost will be at the forefront of everybody’s thoughts at the November 16 dispatch occasion, considering much about the handset has been released online in the course of recent months. The up and coming OnePlus 5T should have a best design to compete with phones like iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, LG […]

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