How To Become An Online Seller In India: 5 Easy Steps To Be E-Commerce Ready!

Only half a decade ago online shopping seemed like a choice of the elite. People who had the extra money to afford technology and patience to try something new would make purchases online for books or mobile phone accessories. Today, that story seems like a haze. It feels as if, in India, online shopping was […]

Only 1.7% Indians Paid Income Tax In 2015-16; 7 Shocking Details Emerge From IT Dept.!

  India has a population of 126 crores, but it seems a majority of them are not at all interested to pay income taxes. In a shocking revelation, it has been found that only 1.7% or 2 crore Indians paid any form of Income Tax in the assessment year 2015-16. Besides, there are 7 more […]

Beware! Cryptocurrency Malware Spreading Through Facebook Messenger!

The recent Bitcoins boom has put the focus on cryptocurrencies. In the last few years, cryptocurrencies have gained popularity and wider acceptance among people. Now hackers are intentionally tricking web users to fall prey to this newest scam. Hackers are using the internet to mine cryptocurrencies for them. The newest scheme to dupe people into mining cryptocurrency […]

Beware! Hackers Can Access Your PINs & Passwords Using Smartphone Sensors!

A recent study led by an Indian-origin scientist, Dr Shivam Bhasin, has revealed that your smartphone’s PIN and passwords can be accessed with the help of the smartphone sensors, which can allow them to unlock mobile devices. A smartphone’s sensors like the gyroscope and proximity sensors are a potential security threat. Smartphone’s Sensors A Security […]

How Cool Product Ideas Found Their Audience Through Online Selling!

Cool Product Ideas Online Selling Innovation is at the core of every successful startup. Very often, these innovators find a niche market and build a product for it that is profitable and viable to manufacture at scale. If you are such an innovator, who already has that next big product idea, then you come upon […]

Apple Apologises For Slowing Down Older iPhones! Is It Enough?

Apple Apologises For Slowing Down iPhones Apple has finally admitted to and apologised for slowing down the older iPhone models after they were accused of trying to force users into buying newer iPhone models. The company recently faced severe backlash over intentionally slowing down the older iPhone models to protect the processor. The company issued […]

Cheaper Mobile Data & Streaming Video – The Biggest Digital Transformation of 2017!

Digital Transformation 2017 With mobile data available at ultra-affordable prices, the influx of digital video consumption has seen a major upturn in the last one year. Jio’s entry brought in massive changes in the telecom industry. Jio’s dirt cheap data prices forced other operators to bring down their prices. As a result, streaming video services […]

Jio TV Goes Big! Jio Launches Its Web Version For A Wider Reach! [Updated]

Jio TV Web Version It was brought to our attention that Jio TV website is now showing as “Under Construction”. When we checked at 6:00 PM, it was indeed the case. We’ll keep an eye on the situation and update you further. Jio TV Website Showing ‘Under Construction’: 6:00PM Earlier: The ultra-affordable high-speed data available […]

Netflix Partners With Whatsapp For Their Business Solutions!

Netflix Partners WhatsApp For Business Solutions The bonhomie between brands and WhatsApp for expanding their reach and functionalities have increased, and latest to join the bandwagon is Netflix, world’s most popular on-demand entertainment platform. As per reports coming in, Netflix is testing a new recommendation feature for WhatsApp users, and after Bookmyshow, they will become […]

How marketers can leverage the new features on Instagram for maximum visibility

Instagram has come a long way from being a secondary social network for marketers to become the primary marketing strategic objective for all brands. The meteoric rise in the platform’s user base, which currently numbers around 800 million users, has been driven with the company’s undivided focus on developing the platform’s interface and user engagement. The […]

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