Winning it all: 10 things to learn from Marissa Mayer as a leader

Fighting confidently against the ebbs and flows of life, Marissa Mayer, the famous American technology executive and ex-CEO of Yahoo, is a telling tale of inspiration. The 42-year-old who never gave up on her dreams kept revitalizing herself with frequent career breakthroughs alongside being a great mother. She indeed embodies the spirit of womanhood and […]

Why the travel industry needs to embrace an omni-channel strategy

Survival in this dynamic market needs a customer-experience-that approach that is accessible and available through multiple platforms. Tourism in India accounts for 9.6 percent of the GDP and is the third largest foreign exchange earner for the country. The travel industry has been evolving continuously to become more convenient and engaged with customers better. Online travel agencies (OTAs) have […]

These IoT companies are helping Indian cities become smart

Internet of Things (IoT) is a platform on which devices are connected to each other using the internet, with the help of built-in sophisticated chips, sensors, and a unique identification code. These smart devices have the ability to sense, communicate, and transmit valuable data to any place, at any time. For instance, a smartwatch like Fitbit […]

Here’s what the road to scaling product startups looks like

At a recent product conference, I moderated a session, ‘Road to scaling products’ which is definitely a crucial aspect to address the ultimate success of a venture. At Endiya Partners, we believe in investing in innovation-led product startups that have a high growth potential and we work closely with our portfolio companies to enable them […]

The true ‘Poonawalla’ – This entrepreneur’s initiative cleans half of Pune city

Indian cities are rarely the model of cleanliness, and Pune is no different. However, the The Adar Poonawalla Clean City movement is helping to keep at least half the city clean. Launched in January 2015, this initiative is spearheaded by Krishnan Komandur, CEO of the Adar Poonawalla Clean city movement. Image source: Rickshaw Challenge (L) Pune city; The […]

Games Indians play… gaming trends for 2018

Games, like in any other part of the world, have played an important role in the history and mythology of India. Be it Lord Shiva and Parvati playing Pachisi, the Pandavas losing Draupadi over a game of dice, or the Mughals enjoying an afternoon of chess. All Indians have had fond memories growing up playing […]

Artificial intelligence can infuse $957 B into Indian economy

Artificial Intelligence (AI) could add $957 billion to the Indian economy by changing the nature of work to create better outcomes for businesses and society, a new Accenture report said on Thursday. Credit: PixabayAI has the potential to increase India’s annual growth rate of gross value added (GVA) by 1.3 percentage points, lifting the country’s […]

AI-based cameras will soon make these 3 Indian cities safer

Traffic rule violations largely go unchecked in India because of the manpower and resources required for monitoring. Polsec, a security company from Brazil aims to address this issue with cameras based on Artificial Intelligence. These cameras will soon be installed in three Indian cities – Agra, Mumbai, and Delhi – for an initial testing phase. ‘Smart […]

The Lean Startup Way: bestselling author Eric Ries on entrepreneurial transformation for scale-stage startups and large organisations

How can scaling startups add more professional managers without losing their experimentation culture? How can large enterprises adopt the principles of entrepreneurship and become systematically innovative? This book probes new frontiers of the Lean Startup movement. Eric Ries is the author of the bestseller The Lean Startup (see my book review here). He has had […]

How brands can use affiliate marketing to improve sales and outreach

Imagine that your marketing efforts for your brand/product drive traffic to a third-party vendor or business, who then pays you money for the traffic. Sounds rather far-fetched and/or confusing? It’s actually quite simple. Welcome to the world of affiliate marketing. Image: Pixabay What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is an internet-based system where affiliates are […]

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