Paytm upgrades cashback strategy, moves to loyalty programme for customers

Paytm, the market leader for payments in India, on Thursday said it had introduced ‘Paytm Loyalty Points’, which customers can earn from multiple activities within its ecosystem. Giving an example, the company said cashback offers given to customers on the platform will be accumulated as ‘Paytm Loyalty Points’, and these can be redeemed across online platforms as […]

Meme up your marketing: how to use internet pop culture for brand promotion

How would you react if somebody called you a ‘Bad Luck Brian’, or a ‘Success Kid’? How about if they said they were going to ‘Rickroll’ you? For those of you who think this sounds like Greek, welcome to the ever-changing, slightly weird world of memes. On social media, memes are a major part of […]

Rahul Dravid is his role model, and social impact is his passion

How coming from a working-class background helped shape this entrepreneur’s goal to set up a firm that helps funders get the optimal social return on their investment. Most people believe that when you are in your teens and don’t have faith that good will prevail in the end, or that every problem has a solution, […]


Do you have it in you to bag a Y Combinator seat, and other questions you did not know who to ask

My co-founder and I entered a small room in an unassuming building in Mountain View, California. Inside the room, four people sat behind a long table covered with hundreds of pages of notes. We sat down in uncomfortable silence until Paul Graham broke the ice: “Why do you think people want video clips,” kicking off […]

To combat pollution, Simply Purify develops Air Quality Monitor and Purifier

Working on the premise that existing air purifiers are expensive and not designed with India’s pollution levels in mind, a Delhi-based startup is set to launch Air Quality Monitors and Purifiers. Every year, around this time, the most common topic of conversation becomes the pollution in Delhi. With every passing year, it’s not only the Indian […]

How OYO, Swiggy and Chai Point cracked the repeat user code

The value of returning customers is critical for the growth and long-term success of any business. But there are no short cuts to ensure customer loyalty, industry leaders tell us. How do we make a customer come back and shop again and often? This is the one question most consumer-facing businesses want an answer to. […]

A $4M initiative to transform lives of people with lower-limb paralysis

With a growing need for assistive technologies, a $4-million global competition is encouraging technology startups to take part and develop new smart mobility technology to support the lives of people with lower-limb paralysis. What sparked the need? Paralysis is highly prevalent globally and has a diverse range of forms that have dramatic impacts on people’s […]

Ola Acquires Foodpanda For Under $50 mn; 3 Reasons Why This Is A Smart Business Move!

Foodpanda Acquired By Ola Online food delivery is the industry which is continuing to attract major businesses into their charm, and everyone want a piece of that pie! Pun intended. Now, joining the league is India-born, app-based cab provider Ola, which has just bought Foodpanda for under $50 million (not confirmed) amidst some stock exchange (details […]

Myntra Goes Offline With Kirana Stores; Targets 50% Sales From ‘End of Reason Sale’!

Myntra End Of Reason Sale Ahead of their year-end flagship End of Reason Sale (EORS), Myntra, the largest online fashion retailer in India is going offline with local stores to showcase and sell their merchandise in the way similar to what FMCGs are doing by renting entire dedicated shelves. They are aiming to grow by […]

Have You Invested In Bitcoins? Be Ready For An Income Tax Notice!

Income Tax Notice The grip of Income Tax Department over those who invested in bitcoins in now tightening, and some new developments have taken place in this regard. After raiding 9 bitcoin exchanges in India last week, reports have emerged that IT officials will now send notices to around 4-5 lakh high net worth Indians, […]

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