Bigg Boss 11 1st January 2018 Live updates: Shilpa Shinde, Hina Khan, Vikas Gupta and Luv Tyagi stand nominated for the week while Dadlani celebrates his luck

Tonight starts with Hina Khan, Akash, Puneesh and Luv discuss how Vikas has been left all alone after everyone of his friend have left. Hina says she will not leave anyone alone if she a person cornerd and she will never act strange with Vikas even though he has been bad to her. Later Akash says that he does not want Shilpa to win and also that Shilpa has not been able to face himafter his mother has taken Shilpa to task. Hina says that Akash’s mother was right to have questioned Shilpa. Hina also adds she just wants the best person to win and she will not say that she does not see Shilpa the winner. Next morning Hina is brooming in the area where Shilpa does her make up and she criticises how dirty Shilpa is . She says that the place is full of hair. Vikas walks in and says that if his mother says that Shilpa is brilliant then she is. Hina says that they all are real self even if they might have a million bad qualities. She says Shilpa is faking her character. Vikas adds that there is no difference between Shilpa and Arshi when it comes to cleanliness.

Later that night we have Vikas walking around alone as he says he has no one walking with him tonight. Shilpa warns Puneesh to stay aloof of Vikas as he is not worthy of friendship and neither can he be made an enemy as he can screw you if he is angry. She says that Vikas is a very good person and will help you throughout till you listen to him and once you get on his wrong side he can completely destroy you. Puneesh says that he himself is a very influential person and nobody in the house knows him as he has not really revealed his real self yet. They discuss Akash who has become very insecure at this juncture of the season. Akash has been going insane as he has been trying to convince people that he is the winner. Next morning starts with Muqbla song. Akash says that he does not see Shilpa anywhere in the top and he gets crazy when people think that she can be the winner.

Hina and Luv discuss how Vikas has been the cause of Hiten leaving and also that the term mastermind has backfired for him. Luv says that Puneesh is a brilliant player who has played like a true clever player as he has been in the background of Vikas and Shilpa throughout and now he has kept the bond with Shilpa but stands against Vikas now. We have Hina doing some black magic on Akash and says that today Dadlani is sure to get nominated. Akash is seen to be thoroughly insecure as he sits with a chain praying. Big Boss has a special task for the HMs as he asks them to decide amongst themselves on who stands at the top and who at six in order. There is a major division between the commoners and celebs now. Puneesh, Akash and Luv refuse to go anywhere lower than 1,2 and 3. Akash fights that he sees himself as numero uno. Finally to dilute the fight the celebs agree to stand at the lower places. Bigg Boss nominates all the people standing at lower places except Akash and Puneesh.

Akash goes crazy again and Puneesh with him as he thanks his mathaji ka mala. Luv prepares to leave as he says he is sure to go as he is between the celebs. Akash says that he has done so much in this house more than anybody else. Shilpa is happy that she thinks that Vikas has chances of going this week. Hina tries to tell Luv that anybody can go in the house and also that he has done very well. Shilpa tries talking to Puneesh and Akash misbehaves with her. Shilpa says that she agreed to make Akash number one first and now he is misbehaving. Puneesh is upset that Akash is mean even while he tries to make him understand. Akash and Shilpa have an argument  while Akash is seen to be his overconfident self. Shilpa says he is living on a khairat. Akash says that his mother warned him against Shilpa.

Hina is getting more and more irritated with Akash as she says that she feels that they should all give it back to him and his misbehavior. Later we see Hina and Vikas discussing as Hina is upset over their decision and same with Vikas as they both feel they should have fought for their spot. Vikas names his list of top four which is Shilpa, Hina, Vikas and Akash to which Hina agrees. In the evening the HMs have fun as they do the ranking again and push Akash away. The housemates have a light moment as they wish Happy New Year together.

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