These Eyebrow Extensions Could Be The Secret To Fuller Brows

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Vogue Korea recently posted a video of brow extensions that’s gone viral on Instagram. The clipping demonstrates a person drawing on a full eyebrow, with the help of a product from a jar. However, the product inside the jar isn’t just some pigment. Instead, it features a clear gel that holds fibres that look like hair!

#신기한뷰티월드 🌟 눈썹 숱이 없어 고민이라면? 한 올 한 올 붙인 것 같은 #리얼리 의 ‘아이브로우 익스텐션’에 주목하세요. 일명 ‘바르는 눈썹 가발’로, 마치 내 눈썹 같은 리얼한 연출을 도와줍니다👀 젤 속에 담겨있는 화이버 눈썹을 브러시로 퍼서 연출하는데, 젤이 마르면서 실제 눈썹과 똑같은 효과를 준답니다✨ 눈썹 앞머리만 세워 채워도 좋고, 뒷부분만 붙여도 좋아요. 땀과 물에 강한 워터프루프라 더욱 안심하고 사용할 수 있습니다💛 (✍🏼Juyeon Woo) – Considering the fact that eyebrows are face’s natural frame, how your eyebrows look can determine how the rest of your face looks. Try #Reallyyy’s eyebrow extension to fill your empty brow area.

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The product, Reallyyy? Eyebrow Extension (yes, that’s the actual name), is a Korean launch that provides the most realistic looking brows. As if that wasn’t enough, fibres actually dry down to give a matte finish that will stay put for hours.

If you are looking for something that will transform you into Cara Delevingne, then this could be the product for you. Although it isn’t available in India yet, we’re hoping that it will make its debut soon enough.

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