2017 was good for AI sector, but what will the cards hold for 2018?

2017 was definitely the year of Artificial Intelligence (AI). With plenty of breakthroughs like Google’s AlphaGo Zero making headlines, the year also provided a launchpad for several AI startups to establish themselves in the new tech sphere. What’s interesting is that around 47 percent of the AI startups established in the last five years have […]


MATRIX: A Safer, Faster and More Flexible Intelligent Blockchain.

December 22, 2017 – MATRIX AI Network today launched the MATRIX project, a new generation Blockchain that leverages the latest AI techniques to revolutionize the cryptocurrency landscape. With a fusion of Blockchain and AI technology, MATRIX has built a revolutionary cryptocurrency that supports significantly boosted transaction speed, superior accessibility to general users, enhanced security under […]

Artificial intelligence can infuse $957 B into Indian economy

Artificial Intelligence (AI) could add $957 billion to the Indian economy by changing the nature of work to create better outcomes for businesses and society, a new Accenture report said on Thursday. Credit: PixabayAI has the potential to increase India’s annual growth rate of gross value added (GVA) by 1.3 percentage points, lifting the country’s […]

AI-based cameras will soon make these 3 Indian cities safer

Traffic rule violations largely go unchecked in India because of the manpower and resources required for monitoring. Polsec, a security company from Brazil aims to address this issue with cameras based on Artificial Intelligence. These cameras will soon be installed in three Indian cities – Agra, Mumbai, and Delhi – for an initial testing phase. ‘Smart […]

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